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21 February: Transmission of Fred & Rose West the Real Story with Trevor McDonald, ITV, produced by Howard Sounes, also on screen expert (3.6 million viewers). 

January: Publication of 25th anniversary updated edition of the bestselling Fred & Rose, Sphere.


Producing documentary with Blink Films. 


October: Notes from the Velvet Underground published in paperback.

July: Heist reprinted with new cover. Paperback on sale now.

June: Seventies now on sale in the UK and USA as an e-book.

May: Queen Letizia of Spain browses new Spanish edition of Down the Highway at Madrid Book Fair.

16 March: Fred & Rose now on sale in the USA, in an e-book edition from openroadmedia. Click and follow links to buy from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.


December: Dylan commentators including Howard Sounes feature in BBC World Service special, Bob Dylan - In So Many Words.

October: Down the Highway reprinted in the USA, China, Japan, Spain and Argentina in response to Dylan winning Nobel Prize. 

August: New edition of Charles Bukowski published in Brazil by Veneta.

March: Charles Bukowski released as an audio book, read by the author. Available throughout the world.

February: Notes from the Velvet Underground released as an audio book, read by the author. Available throughout the world from Audible/ Amazon.


16 October: Lou Reed biography creates debate - New York Times.

October: Hardback publication of Notes from the Velvet Underground: The Life of Lou Reed.

July: Heist released as an Audible audio book. 

May: 27: A History of the 27 Club published in paperback in the US by Da Capo.


August: Down the Highway now available as an audio book.

July: Fab available as an audio book, from Audible.

July: Amy, 27 published in paperback in the UK, also available as an e-book and audio book read by the author.

May: Amy, 27 published in Portuguese (also now in Spanish).


16 November: Howard Sounes discusses the 27 Club - CNN.

14 November: Fred & Rose and Amy, 27 available as audio books. 

12 November: 27 published in hardback in the US by Da Capo. Also available as an audio book and e-book.

November: Amy, 27 published in Italian by Alianza Editorial.

July: Amy, 27: Amy Winehouse and the 27 Club published in the UK, Canada and Australia.

March: Fab published in Norwegian as Paul McCartney - bak scenen (Libretto Forlag). Also in translation in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Holland.


July: Heist optioned by Universal Studios. 


November: Fab published in paperback in North America and Brazil.

5 September: Fred & Rose now available as e-book.

September: Revised and expanded edition of Down the Highway published as e-book.

August: Fab published in Finland.

6 June: Booklist chooses Fab as one of the Top Ten Biographies of 2011.

June: Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney published in the UK by HarperCollins - paperback and e-book.

24 May: Updated edition of Down the Highway published in the UK by Doubleday, in the US by Grove Press.

22 May: Chrissie Hynde, Howard Sounes, Geoff Dyer and Cate Blanchett choose 70th birthday gifts for Bob Dylan - Observer

7 May: Professor Sir Christopher Ricks discusses Bob Dylan at seventy with Howard Sounes - BBC World Service.

April: Reprint of Heist includes update on conviction of 'Lighting' Lee Murray.

March: Fab: Het Leven van Paul McCartney published in Dutch translation by Ambo; Den Sande Historie om Paul McCartney in Danish by Lindhardt og Ringhof.


November: Paul McCartney: Das Portät published in German translation by Droemer. 

November: Howard Sounes in Toronto to launch Canadian edition of Fab.

August: Howard Sounes talks at Anni Ribelli cultural festival in Brienza, Italy.

Summer: Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney published in the UK and US.

July: Fred & Rose is published in a new jacket by Sphere as a 'true-crime classic'.

4 MayRadio 4 broadcasts 'The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll', presented by Howard Sounes.

6 February: Bukowski's publisher John Martin discusses the writer with Howard Sounes on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4.

20 January: Howard Sounes discusses Bukowski on the Verb, BBC Radio 3.

January: Reviewing the new Canongate edition of Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life in the Guardian, Victoria Segal writes that the author, 'distils Bukowski's unlovely life into biographical firewater.'

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