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Praise for Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney

'Howard Sounes is the biographer who won't take prisoners. Down the Highway, his life of Bob Dylan, set a benchmark and this McCartney tome is another belter. Sounes entertains the reader with the truth rather than towing the party line. Previous McCartney books have been sanitised; FAB is not. The author's breadth of research and witty, dispassionate tone flesh-out stories hitherto left in the air. He is brilliant at recreating the 1964-67 period, when McCartney's heyday coincided with the cultural watershed of Britain switching on the colour button. Here you'll find Macca in his pomp, literally, shagging and drinking and drugging. A lord in the harem and a genius in the studio, the charming Beatle is revealed as something of a rogue, albeit one who's at home with the new avant-garde as he is within the establishment. Sounes does McCartney a great favour since he makes him sound like an interesting and complex character. He brings Paul's Cavendish Avenue home to life and gives his women a fair crack of the whip. He evidently likes McCartney but refuses to be dazzled by him. The result is a hilarious, riveting biography and, almost by accident, the best Beatles book since Revolution in the Head. Thumbs up.'
Max Bell, Classic Rock (UK)

‘Sounes has earned a well-deserved reputation for writing thoroughly researched, intricately detailed biographies. This comprehensive biography of McCartney is no exception … Divided into two equally large sections – “With the Beatles” and “After the Beatles – Fab covers all the highlights of McCartney’s life and long career… A must for Beatles and McCartney fans.’
June Sawyers, Booklist (US) ‘Editor’s Choice’ selection.

‘The accomplished biographer of Dylan and Bukowski delivers an engaging, set-the-record-straight biography of the benighted Beatles songster…’
Publishers Weekly (US)

‘Arguably, it’s the author’s name itself that’s the major draw, Sounes having earlier been praised for Down the Highway, his meticulous study of Bob Dylan. Where Sounes scores, both here and with his Dylan tome, is in scything through the wild undergrowth of facts, misinformation and myths to present a level-headed portrait of a musician who, obviously, is still held in fascination by the public … having conducted more than 200 new interviews to make sure every letter is crossed or dotted correctly, he’s produced something akin to the definitive take on an extraordinary career … Sounes is also admirably responsible in his dissection of the Heather Mills years, sifting through the tabloid salaciousness to outline chains of events with the confident, dispassionate eye of a seasoned and reliable journalist’
**** Terry Staunton, Record Collector (UK)

‘A well-judged tome that is difficult to put down …The resulting portrait [of McCartney] – gnarly but generally nice – is entirely convincing.’
**** Mark Paytress, Mojo (UK)

 ‘… a McCartney biography that intrigues all the way through … enjoyable.’
Bob Stanley, The (London) Times

‘Howard Sounes’ epic McCartney biography is essential … Sounes makes a compelling argument that competition from Lennon was a prerequisite for the full flowering of McCartney’s songwriting [while] his vivid rendering of McCartney reveals a fundamentally decent chap on balance.’
Greg Beets Austin Chronicle (US)

Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney is revealing, well-crafted, and utterly fascinating.’
Larry Cox, Tucson Citizen (US)

‘As an exhaustive account of McCartney’s life, FAB is unparalleled …’
Dan Stubbs, Q (UK)

‘The first in-depth unauthorized Macca biog doesn’t disappoint … Howard Sounes brings to the task the same solid journalistic values he employed in writing his Dylan biography Down the Highway, which succeeded in unearthing troves of new information through the simple expedient of diligent legwork, hunting down the right people, and asking them the right questions.’
Andy Gill, The Word (UK)

 ‘Few Beatle biographies are as exhaustive as this 634-page epic: Sounes (who wrote a similarly extensive Bob Dylan bio, Down the Highway) paints an unsparing portrait of McCartney as a somewhat overconfident artist with a nasty competitive streak … For fans willing to ponder their hero’s flaws, Fab delivers all you need to know.’
Barry Walters, Rolling Stone (US)

‘Brought to you by Howard Sounes, the author who also gave us the comprehensive tomes Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan and Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life, Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney delivers on every promise it even thinks about making … Sounes’ narrative writing style is easy to read. Instead of feeling like a dry, academic work, the book reads almost like a novel.’
Amanda Mark, New York Journal of Books (US)

Fab is a fantastic tome … Sounes has, through hundreds of interviews, built a book about McCartney that addresses the myth, understands the legend and is balanced; never getting anywhere near the all too common hagiography that is the bane of reading the modern music biography/ ghost-written autobiography….  it’s one of the best biographies I’ve ever read.’
Simon Sweetman, (New Zealand)

 ‘… a minutely detailed and comprehensive account of the famous musician’s life up to now … Sounes renders his subject sympathetically, as a gifted but flawed character…’
Greg Quill, Toronto Star (Canada)

‘If you think you know Paul McCartney, after all these years, think again. Sounes tackles this hefty unauthorized portrait of [the] former Beatle with prodigious research skills and little sentimentalism.’
Vancouver Sun (Canada)

 ‘…the main thing to know about Fab is this: Howard Sounes has produced the finest, most detailed, and most up-to-date doorstop tome on the life and music of Macca.’
Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press (USA)

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